Respite Care Utah

At Kids On The Move, we understand having a young child with special needs, quite often, requires a tremendous amount of time and energy.



What is Respite Care Utah:

Respite Care Utah at Kids On The Move is the temporary care of children with special needs, providing a short period of rest or relief to their usual caregivers. We provide Respite Care for children with special needs to give their families a 3.5-hour break on weekend nights so caregivers can relieve stress, renew energy, and restore balance.

Who is Eligible:

We serve children who are:

– birth to 12 years old

– diagnosed with any behavioral or physical disability.

– able to be at respite until 9:30 p.m. without it disturbing their bedtime routine.

– not on 100% oxygen or excessively medically fragile.

– free of a history of sexually inappropriate or aggressive behavior.

– in a family that does not already have resources that provides them with a break from care-giving.

What does respite care cost?

Our program is free to families. We are funded through generous foundations, corporations, fundraising events, and individual donations.

How often can my child attend respite?

Because we have a waiting list, we currently offer one night per month to each family. There is an on-call list for families waiting for services.

What does a typical night of respite look like for my child?

At every respite night, we have two staff members on site depending on the needs of the child – one is a nurse or a behavioral center manager, and the other is a volunteer supervisor. The respite staff will pair your child with a screened, trained volunteer who will spend the evening playing with your child and keeping her/him in a safe group environment. We provide one-on-one care. Our respite staff checks on each child/volunteer pair every 15 minutes to ensure their safety and happiness. We require our volunteers to never be alone with their children and to stay in a group environment.

What is the typical schedule?

6:00 -7:30 p.m. – Free play (Recreational and/or Educational plans are developed, if parents request them.)

7:30 p.m. – Peanut-free snacks are offered.

8:00 p.m. – Play continues at our colorful, fun facility, or a movie is offered as a choice.

9:30 p.m. – Children are picked up by their awesome parents

How are my child’s toileting needs met at respite?

For toileting needs, we have children of all ages who are completely dependent and need diaper changes. We also have children who are completely independent. When a child requires a diaper change or needs to use the restroom independently, two people are always present– a member of our staff and a volunteer.  Children are allowed their privacy based on their ability to use the restroom.

How are my child’s behavior, medical needs addressed?

At the intake interview, we will review any behavioral and medical needs regarding your child. Either the nurse or our behavioral center manager will develop a plan to handle your child’s needs in a positive, loving way.

Are typical siblings eligible to attend respite nights?

Our program is limited to only children with a behavioral and/or physical disability.

Where can I find services, if my child is older than 13 years?

Northern Utah

Utah Division of Services for People with Disabilities

TURN Community Services
Summer Program
1921 North 1120 West
Provo, UT 84604
(801) 343-3900

Best Buddies
BYU Center for Service & Learning

BYU Experience
BYU Center for Service & Learning

BYU Center for Service & Learning

Scenic View


Southern Utah

Utah Division of Services for People with Disabilities

Turn Community Services
523 Sunland Drive Suite 5A
St George, UT  

Red Rock Center for Independence (RRCI)
168 N 100 E #101
St. George, UT 84770
Phone: (435) 673-7501