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Early Head Start

What is Early Head Start?

Give your child the very best start in life with Early Head Start. Early Head Start is designed to nurture and support your child’s physical, social, emotional & intellectual development, from birth to age three.

Prenatal services are part of our resources. We also provide parenting and nutrition classes so parents can learn valuable skills to support their baby’s growth and development.

Infants as young as six weeks old can enroll in the Early Head Start program. For very young children, every moment is an opportunity for learning. Our Early Head Start staff are specially trained in early childhood development. We read & talk to your infants, and toddlers to build vocabulary, encourage them to explore their world through play, song, touch, sight, & sound. We use routine and structure to help them feel safe and build trust. In addition, we provide families with resources to support healthy development and learning at home, family health & nutrition, and coordinate services for children with special needs. When your child turns three, they will be prepared to transition to Head Start or another appropriate preschool program to continue their path to learning success.

Early Head Start supports your infant and toddler’s early development through:

  • Education – Your child will learn through fun games, songs, and activities. We help them reach early milestones such as making friends and playing with others, using their fingers and hands, following directions, expressing themselves, and showing an interest in learning. We utilize evidence & research based curriculum & assessments in both center-based and home based services.
  • Family Services – Our staff works with you to create family goals and create a plan to meet those goals. We also connect you to additional resources in your community.
  • Health Services – Nothing is more important than your child’s health! We’ll work with you to make sure your child receives regular medical and dental check-ups, and can help you find free or affordable services in your area. We make getting the care your child needs a priority.
  • Prenatal Care and Education – For moms-to-be, we provide services and resources such as prenatal nutrition and parenting classes. Learn how to fully care for your newborn as well as yourself. It’s never too early to start!
  • Nutrition – Healthy eating fuels growing minds and bodies! We provide healthy meals and snacks, and evaluate each child’s nutritional needs. We also work with our children and families to encourage healthy choices and provide resources for home.
  • Special Needs – We work with every child to understand their unique needs. Children of all abilities, including those with special needs, are welcomed, supported, and included in all activities in the classroom or home. Our staff will also help connect your family to the additional resources that can best support your child.

Who is Eligible?

Pregnant mothers and children birth to three years of age.

Enrollment Process

Enrollment is determined on a case-by-case basis. We look at several factors, not limited to: Income Guidelines, Family Need, Disability of the Child, Foster Care, Homelessness, etc.

Parent In-Kind Form

How can parents help give back to KOTM EHS?

  • Parents track time spent working with their child towards individualized development goals.
  • Parents can volunteer in the classroom
  • Parents can help implement Home-based PlaySchool
  • Parents can help prepare learning materials to be used in classrooms, during PlaySchool and/or home visits

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can Early Head Start do for my child and family?

    Early Head Start helps prepare children for school readiness through activities in the home, classroom, and socialization opportunities.  The primary focus is on child development and the relationship with their parents. We help families by providing resources and referrals in the community and providing educational topics on health, nutrition, safety, parenting, and development.

  • What does Early Head Start cost?

    The cost of involvement in the program is free!  Transportation is not provided however, families in the program can receive mileage reimbursement or bus tokens to help offset the cost of traveling to socializations and activities provided by Early Head Start.

  • Do you provide services for children with disabilities?

    Yes. We co-serve children enrolled with an Early Intervention provider in Utah County (Kids On The Move, Kids Who Count, or Provo Early Intervention Program).  A child can receive services from Early Head Start and Early Intervention.

  • Are services offered in Spanish?

    Yes. A family whose home language is Spanish will receive all services from a Family Educator who is fluent in both Spanish and English.

  • How long will my child receive services from Early Head Start?

    Children can be enrolled from birth until they turn age three.  Pregnant moms enrolled in our program continue services when their child is born.

  • Who participates in your services?

    Early Head Start encourages mothers, fathers, and other adults of support to be involved.  Parent and child relationships are the main focus of all services.

  • What type of services are provided besides home visits?

    We provide individualized lesson plans and support for each child and family. In addition we offer: parent classes, family social and literacy activities, and special activities for Dads are offered at the center.  Other services are offered through community partnerships.

  • What should I do if my child is aged 3-5?

    Call Mountainland Head Start for similar services 801.375.7981