Early Head Start

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Each family brings a different perspective of parenting and culture. Early Head Start recognizes this and incorporates your uniqueness to help identify and strengthen the family dynamic.


What is Early Head Start?

Early Head Start was created in 1994 to help serve families with infants and toddlers and provide comprehensive developmental services for children and social services for disadvantaged families. Early Head Start also offers educational, social, medical, dental, nutritional, and mental health services, along with parent involvement activities for families. We believe that parents play the most important role in their children’s health and development, as they are their children’s most important teachers. Some of the ways parents can be involved in this program include:

  • Assisting family educators and teachers in developing an individualized care plan for their child.
  • Working with their children at home to extend the children’s learning experience.
  • Participating in socializations and family activities.

Who is eligible?

Pregnant mothers and children birth to three years of age.

Enrollment Process

Enrollment is determined on a case by case basis. We look at several factors, not limited to: Income guidelines, Family Need, Disability of the Child, Foster Care, Homelessness, etc.


What can Early Head Start do for my child and family?

Early Head Start helps prepare children for school readiness through activities in the home, classroom, and socialization opportunities.  The primary focus is on child development and the relationship with their parents. We help families by providing resources and referrals in the community and providing educational topics on health, nutrition, safety, parenting, and development.

What does Early Head Start cost?

The cost of involvement in the program is at no cost to you!  Transportation is not provided however, families in the program can receive mileage reimbursement or bus  tokens to help offset the cost of traveling to socializations and activities provided by Early Head Start.

Do you provide services for children with disabilities?

Yes.  We co-serve children enrolled with an Early Intervention provider in Utah County (Kids Who Count, Provo Early Intervention Program, or Kids on the Move).  A child can receive services from Early Head Start and Early Intervention. We also provide autism diagnosis and support.

Are services offered in Spanish?

Yes.  A family whose home language is Spanish will receive all services from a Family Educator who is fluent in both Spanish and English.

How long will my child receive services from Early Head Start?

Children can be enrolled from birth until they turn age three.  Pregnant moms enrolled in our program continue services when their child is born.

Who participates in your services?

Early Head Start encourages mothers, fathers, and other adults of support to be involved.  Parent and child relationships are the main focus of all services.

What type of services are provided besides home visits?

We provide individualized lesson plans and support for each child and family. In addition we offer: parent classes, family social and literacy activities, and special activities for Dads are offered at the center.  Other services are offered through community partnerships.

What should I do if my child is 3-5?

Call Mountainland Head Start for similar services 801.375.7981