Autsim Center Services

ABA Therapy

ABA is a proven, evidence-based therapy to help kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder develop important skills to improve their lives. ABA uses the principles of reinforcement and focuses on teaching children how to communicate, ABA can also help minimize problem behaviors. We offer ABA in a variety of settings—including in-home, in-clinic, and, when approved, in a community setting.

ABA uses multiple tools to help children learn. This includes discrete trial training, natural environment teaching, and functional communication training. Performance is measured by an assessment, direct observation, and data collection.

ABA has been endorsed by a number of state and federal agencies, including the US Surgeon General (Autism Speaks).

Parent University

Parent University is a free monthly class for parents of children with special needs, educators, and community members. These classes are designed to address parent needs, concerns, and interests regarding Autism Spectrum Disorder. Parent University covers multiple topics throughout each year to provide support and resources to families. This class is offered on the first Wednesday of each month from 6:30 PM-7:30 PM. Childcare is available upon request when RSVPs are received by the 1st of each month.

Home Visits

As an addition to regular ABA Therapy, an ABA Consultant with expertise in Autism will come to your home and design regular plans to help you. The plans are tailored to address specific concerns you have, such as potty training, social engagement, and language acquisition. This is a great supplement for families utilizing services through Kids on the Move.


One of our first steps in designing effective treatment for your child involves an assessment. We understand that assessments are stressful for parents. As a parent you may worry that the assessment may have limitations that will not show your child in the best light or that your child is simply having a bad day and will be labeled because of this. All of these factors are taken into consideration by evaluating the child in a variety of environments over a series of time. We have a variety of assessment tools available to help our staff develop the individual goals that we will focus on throughout your child’s therapy.