Financial Resources for Families

Even with insurance coverage, we understand that ABA therapy can be expensive.  The following grants are not affiliated with Kids On The Move but may be a resource for families in covering the cost of ABA therapy.

Active Grants that can apply towards co-insurance and co-pays:

Modest Needs – $750-$1,250
• This grant is tailored to individuals and families living just above the poverty line but are ineligible for most types of social assistance
• One-time assistance
• Grant can be applied towards co-insurance and co-pays

MyGOAL Inc – $1,000

• This grant is offered in December every year and distributed the following Spring
• Upload W-9 or recent tax return
• Can be applied to co-insurance and co-pays

United Healthcare Children’s Foundation – Up to $5000 in one year. Can reapply each year and receive up to $10,000 as a lifetime maximum

• 16 years old or younger
• Must have SSN
• Family must not exceed maximum eligible family income as documented on IRS Tax Form 1040
• Primary coverage for the child must be by a commercial health plan. Secondary insurance through Medicaid or CHIP is permissible

Varghese Summersett PLLC Annual Scholarships – $500 Submit all materials to Melody Lanier at

• 15 years old or younger
• Autism Diagnosis
• Must submit letter or video stating how the scholarship will benefit them.

Additional Grant Options:

Firsthand Foundation – $1250-$2500

• 18 years or younger (age 19-21 considered if child-like mental state)
• No existing insurance coverage for requested expenses
• Household income: Dependents
o 5 – Up to $100k
o 4 – Up to $85k
o 3 – Up to $70k
o 2 – Up to $55k
o 1 – Up to $40k
• Can be used to assist with stand of car for child’s diagnosis
• Cannot pay co-insurance, co-pays, past bills, or debts

KNOW Autism – Tuition and Therapy Assistance Program – $1000-$3000

• 18 months – 18 years old
• For families in need of financial assistance
• Must be medically diagnosed with ASD
Must be attending a special needs school or program – ABA therapy, special needs camp, special needs school, speech or occupational therapy
• CANNOT be applied to coinsurance and copays, only towards the facility

KNOW Autism – Autism Diagnostic Assistance Program – $500-$750

• This scholarship is specifically for DIAGNOSTIC TESTING fees, for testing an individual for ASD
• 18 months – 10 years old

KNOW Autism – Special Interest Fund

• This fund is specifically for adaptive programs outside the traditional umbrella of autism treatments (not ABA)
• Between 12 months and 18 years
• Eligible programs:
o Equine therapy, special needs camps/summer programs, adaptive sports, adaptive dance, adaptive swim lessons, etc.
• Must provide ASD diagnosis
• CANNOT be applied to coinsurance and copays, only towards the facility

ASDF’s Holiday Gift Card Program (Check back Oct 1st, 2020 for open application) – $100 Gift Card

• For families with great need for financial assistance who have individuals in the family on the spectrum