KOTM Suggestion Page

Just a Couple of Rules to Review Before You Enter a Suggestion:

SUGGESTIONS ONLY, or COMPLAINTS WITH GOOD ALTERNATIVES: We're genuinely excited to get your best thinking on ways to improve processes at KOTM. Complaints alone aren't very helpful if you don't have a reasonable alternative process or approach to recommend. Thank you in advance for submitting thoughtful, helpful recommendations.

NO PERSONNEL ISSUES: You may have a challenge with someone at KOTM. Separating a challenging person from a challenging process may be difficult, but it must be done. There are ways to go about resolving personnel issues at KOTM. The Suggestion Box is not one of them. Please use it for its intended purpose.

COMPLETE ANONYMITY: You are completely anonymous in this process. We can't track down the person who submitted a suggestion. So if your suggestion requires your direct help and participation to make it happen, you need to include your name. Otherwise we won't know who to contact. Thanks!