Telehealth ABA Therapy

Kids On The Move has converged the most highly recommended treatment for autism with secure video technology to deliver care in-home, where it is needed most. We are expanding access to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy through the use of telehealth (online video conferencing) technology to close the gap between individuals with autism obtaining this much needed therapy and their geographical location.



What is Telehealth?

Telehealth services are the delivery of ABA therapy to rural communities where there would otherwise be no tutors, BCBAs or any trained professionals to work with children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Our BCBAs (Board Certified Behavioral Analysts) have masters’ level experience and knowledge in training caregivers and working with children.

We believe that all families should have access to the best care for their children. Thanks to our online delivery system, families have immediate access to ABA therapy, eliminating the delays caused by wait-lists, scheduling or geographical location.

How does it work?

Many years of research has been done to find the best way to aid in the physical and mental development of children on the autism spectrum; and Applied Behavior Analysis therapy has continuously been found to be the most effective by taking a look at how human beings learn new things. Additional research has shown that ABA therapy is just as effective in-home as it is through telehealth technology.

To make it all happen our clinicians are equipped with technology that allows for live video and audio streaming as well as data collection. The ABA tutor or parent will be in the home in the rural location, while video conferencing with the BCBA in our clinic in Orem, Utah.

How can you get involved?

We always ensure that the parents and caregivers are a part of all treatment sessions where they can learn ABA strategies that can further their child’s overall progress in obtaining behavioral goals. Call 801.221.9930 to speak with our receptionist and get involved.