Autsim Center Services


Sensory Social Fun – SUMMER ONLY

Sensory Social Fun is a class designed for children who would benefit from a specific sensory focused experience. All senses, including sight, sound, smell, touch, taste, balance and body in space are involved in a variety of activities and games. This class is hands on for the child and will include many “messy” times, such as finger painting, water play, and sandbox time, to help acclimate children to a variety of tactile experiences.

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Parent University

Parent University is a series of courses designed to assist parents and caregivers living with kids diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders or similar developmental delays. The classes have been created by experienced professionals in their respective fields. Classes are held the first Wednesday of every month at 6:30pm in the upper portion of the KOTM library. Childcare is available if reserved in advance by calling the receptionist at (801) 221-9930.

Home Visits

A developmental specialist with expertise in Autism will come to your home and design regular plans to help you. The plans are tailored to address specific concerns you have, such as potty training, social engagement, and language acquisition. This is a great supplement for families utilizing services in the school district or through other community resources.

Autism Social Groups – SUMMER ONLY

These groups meet once a week for 1 hour. Each child must bring a typically developing sibling or friend. We have two levels, Social Group A and Social Group B.

Group A: Foundational– This is where the building blocks of friendship begin. This group is designed to help children increase awareness of others as well as increase their comfort level in group settings.

Group B: This group is designed to further develop the skills of children who are already able to communicate some of their needs and show a consistent awareness of their peers.

Groups include both typically developing children and those with developmental delays common to Autism Spectrum Disorders. All classes include:

  • Sensory warm-up
  • Planned and strategic social experiences
  • Engagement opportunities
  • Naturally motivating activities involving others

Autism Preschool – SUMMER ONLY

Classes meet twice a week for 2 hours each time. Classes are structured similar to a preschool format, with a small classroom setting that includes typical peer models. Both structured learning and relationship based engagement activities are used, taking into account the individual needs of each child. Bridges team members:

  • Work together to meet the child where he or she is
  • Create motivating opportunities for growth
  • Increase skills acquisition
  • Child-adult ratio can be decreased and child independence increased



One of our first steps in getting to know your child involves an assessment. We understand that assessments are stressful for parents. As a parent you may worry that the assessment may have limitations that will not show your child in the best light or that your child is simply having a bad day and will be labeled because of this. All of these factors are taken into consideration by evaluating the child in a variety of environments over a series of time. We use the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) as our protocol in these assessments. This is how we develop the individual goals that we will work with your child on during classes.

Adaptive Sports – SUMMER ONLY

The Adaptive Sports class combines Yoga therapy and adaptive team sports together to give children a balance of sensory integration, gross motor regulation and increased social interaction. Yoga therapy can help children of all abilities build a foundation of mutual trust and friendship. After the child warms up with poses, breathing and deep relaxation they will be engaged in team sports, such as tee-ball, soccer, and relay races. This combination helps promote social connectedness, sensory modulation, and increased overall health while aiding the development of body awareness and concentration.

ABA Drop Off Program

Our ABA structured learning class is a three hour class that will provide structured sessions for children who need assistance with a variety of developmental skills. This class starts with 15 minutes in the gross motor room, followed by four 15 minute structured work sessions with brief free play time and group time in between. These structured work sessions use the discrete trial method and the principles of positive reinforcement to build skills as well as minimize problem behaviors. The goals of intervention, instructions and reinforcers are customized to address the strengths and needs of the individual child. Performance is measured by direct observation and data collection.

Classes are available 1-4 times per week. An assessment to determine current developmental levels is required before a child can begin.


(ABA) Home Based Training and Development

Our experienced staff of autism specialists work with families to train autism tutors, hired by individual families, through our in home training. This training includes: Ongoing training from our experienced consultant, for both parent and tutors, from our experienced consultant. Custom training designed with best practice interventions in mind. Flexible and progressive intervention model based on the latest available research. Weekly and bi-weekly team meetings are held to maintain consistent and effective treatments.