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BRIDGES is designed specifically for parents and children ages 2 to 8 years old living with Autism Spectrum Disorders or similar developmental delays. Bridges Services are designed with the child and family in mind.  Each family has different needs to be taken into consideration when deciding what types of treatments and services make the most sense.

Bridges recognizes the impact an Autism Diagnosis makes on the entire family and offers supports to strengthen each family’s unique circumstances.

The foundation of all services begins with evidence based research techniques, flexibility and a partnership with parents and highly educated and trained, caring professionals.  We focus on “bridging” gaps that may occur for those seeking help, who may be unable to receive services otherwise due to high costs, long waiting lists, age limits, requirements for qualifications among other difficulties.

We recognize that this is a critical time of development for children and there are a variety of impediments which make it difficult for some children to access needed services. Our goal is to provide to parents a variety of low cost options to assist them and their families to “bridge the gap”. Families can design an affordable program to address specific needs by choosing from a variety of services including:

Summer Programs

It’s time for some summer fun! Bridges Summer Program will start on June 2nd and run though August 15th.

A $100 deposit is required at sign-up. Sign up as soon as possible, classes are filling up fast.  There are scholarships available.

Classes Date Time Price
Preschool Tuesday and Thursday 12:30-2:30 $500
ABA Therapy Monday thru Friday 9:00-12:009:00-2:30 $175 to $1400
Social Group Monday (Good Buddies)Tuesday (Social Starters)Wednesday (Friend Masters) 3:00-4:003:00-4:004:00-5:00 $200
Sensory Integration Tuesday 3:00-4:00 $200
Adaptive Sports Monday 3:00-4:00 $200
Functional Skills Tuesday 3:00-4:00 $200
Food Therapy Thursday 3:00-4:00 $400

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Why choose the Bridges program?

The Bridges Program offers a breadth of services that can be tailored to the needs of the individual family and child.

Does my child need an official autism diagnosis to enroll in Bridges?

No, an official diagnosis is not needed to enroll.

Is enrollment in Bridges affordable?

Yes! We only charge a percentage of the total cost of services. We also offer need-based scholarships. Contact Sarah Windkelkotter at 801-221-9930 ext 151 to set up a free consultulation.

What is the Sensory Integration Class?

This fun class is designed to help kids who are either sensory seeking or sensory defensive. Classes are designed to target a specific sense each week. Each week will target the sense in a different way. We will use an occupational therapy hierarchy to help children become more accustomed to various sensory stimuli. At the end of the class, we will have a glow in the dark party for our class on vision!


Can ABA Therapy really help?

Yes, ABA Therapy is a research-based treatment that can be tailored to meet children’s specific needs. ABA can help children develop the ability to follow structured schedules, increase social skills, and learn to respond to sensory inputs by rewiring the brain circuitry to improve muscle memory.

What is the Functional Skills Class?

The Functional Skills class will target teaching skills that everyone needs to take care of themselves. This includes self-help skills like brushing teeth and dressing skills. We will also target skills one needs on a daily basis including learning to set the table, or making yourself a sandwich or cereal. We will also target safety skills like crossing the street safely. This will be a fun, hour-long class that will be taught both in group and individual formats. We will have a fun “cooking” party at the end of the class!


What is the Adaptive Sports Class?

This class will be taught utilizing  the Special Olympics curriculum.  We will play a variety of group games that will be modified so that everyone, regardless of developmental level can participate. This class will also target developing social skills and motor skills. At the end of this class, we will take a field trip to a fun recreation spot in the community!


What is Food Therapy?

For many children with autism or similar delays and their families, feeding and meal time can be a stressful or scary experience. This class is designed to help those children that have feeding struggles. The class will meet one hour weekly and have a 1:1 child to teacher ratio. Due to this ratio, it is possible to better individualize the therapy and go at a the pace your child needs. There will be several foods to choose from for the semester. As the therapist begins to introduce a food, they will use a hierarchy devised from the core concepts of Occupational Therapy. This hierarchy is divided into 7 steps, and is designed to be implemented so that lower level skills are used to build up to the upper level skills. Using this hierarchy, the therapist will aim to make your child’s experience with the chosen target a good one.


Why is preschool good for my child?

Preschool is an opportunity for social engagement. Bridges preschool can help your child learn and apply new skills with a low child-to-adult ratio. Preschool prepares kids by helping them with play and group attending skills in a typical classroom setting for a less structured classroom routine.

Why are Bridges social groups important for my child?

Social groups provide focused opportunities for your child to make friends and learn to build relationships with other children.

What is Parent University?

Parent University is a free monthly class for parents of children on the autism spectrum, educators, and community members. These classes are designed to address needs, concerns, and interests of parents. Parent University is also supplemented by a Parent Support Group.

Does Bridges offer in-home services?

Yes. In addition to our clinical services, parents have the option for a trained Bridges employee to implement in-home ABA therapy. Parents can also arrange a home visit to target specific situations of concern, such as grocery store visits, potty training, language development, educational supports, feeding therapy, and more for an individualized length of time.

Does Bridges provide services under the Medicaid Waiver?

Yes, we currently serve kids from Logan area to Richfield area but we are always willing to accommodate kids from rural areas when possible.

How do I sign up my child?

Contact our Enrollment Specialist, Sarah Winkelkotter, at 801-221-9930 Ext. 151 to set up a free consultation.